What is the Energy Smart Show

The Energy Smart Show is a timely, two-day consumer expo focusing on energy efficiency—how to become energy smart at home, in your apartment or condo, in the car, at the office, at the cottage, in your small business—what to buy, build, install and use that can reduce your carbon footprint in everything you do!


A one-stop shop consumer show featuring energy efficient products and services, including:


Our Energy Smart to Net Zero Home Showcase  |  Clean Energy, Energy Efficient Vehicles  |  EE Technology and Innovation  |  Main Stage Keynote Speakers  |  E3 Stage Presentations, Demonstrations, Breaking Developments, How-to’s and more … from exhibitors, industry experts, the science and tech sector and government services and program representatives.


Together we can go beyond the tipping point of early adopters. At the Energy Smart Show you can find out how to make and implement your own Energy Smart plan!


Think Smart  |  Act Smart  |  Live Smart  |  Energy Smart

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