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10 energy-saving gestures that your children can adopt

Becoming energy-efficient is an ongoing process – no gesture is too small. So if you want to engage yourself in this path, why not involve the whole family in the process? As a matter of fact, your kids can adopt simple gestures that may prove to be very energy-efficient in the long run! Here are some examples:




1- Turn off the lights when leaving a room


Turning off the light can sometimes be daunting for children, especially when they are running from one room to another, but this gesture is the most important of all. Make a game out of it – for example, you could allow them to decorate their wall switch to their liking. This will grab their attention whenever they walk past it.




2 – Turn off the electronic devices when not in use


More than ever, electronics are part of children’s lives: computers, televisions, tablets, smartphones, video games… They love to use them, so make sure they understand that switching off these devices as soon as possible will help extend their life expectancy (both the device’s and theirs).




3 – Take a shower instead of a bath


Tub owners and parents with children who hate bath time can transform this activity into shower time! It’s much faster and consumes less hot water. A win-win solution!




4 – Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth


Bad habits start at an early age and are difficult to lose. Leaving the water running while brushing your teeth is a bad habit to take, so talk to your children about it!




5 – Avoid leaving the refrigerator door open for too long


Looking inside the refrigerator for ten minutes, debating whether you should eat chocolate ice cream or fruit yogurt, is also a bad habit. Be aware that whenever the refrigerator door opens, you could be losing up to a third of its cold air. Play with your kids to see who will open the refrigerator for the shortest time!




6 – Plant a tree


If your house is subject to a lot of direct sunlight in the summer and that heat rushes inside, ask your children to help you plant a tree in the garden. As it grows, the plant will cast a shadow and protect you from the heat. As an added bonus, your children will be able to watch the tree grow with them!




7 – Use rechargeable batteries


Invest in a battery charger and rechargeable batteries for your children’s devices! You no longer need to go to the store to buy a missing battery and your children can recharge their batteries themselves; it’s magic!


After all those energy-reducing efforts, your kids can talk about it at school or elsewhere. By promoting the benefits of their new resolutions, your kids could inspire others! Even if your children only adopt one of these habits, it’s a very good start and it can make a difference!

Have your children already adopted some of these gestures? Do you think you can instil new ones to them? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section!

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