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4 Energy-Saving Gadgets to Cut Your Energy Bills

Sometimes a small investment can make a huge difference when it comes to your energy bill. Discover some of the gadgets that can really help you save energy at home everyday.


1. Power STRIPS




Vampire energy really exists! When devices remain connected, they continue to consume energy even if they are switched off. A power strip allows you to completely switch off your devices and reduce your electric bill up to 10%.

Department stores offer a wide selection of models: smart, with timer, activity monitor… Follow this flowchart on various power strip options to help you with your purchase.


The cost-saving solution: You can easily find a good power bar for less than $15.


Our favourite find: This Smart Power Strip that can be controlled from your smarphone.



2. Small cooking appliances




An energy efficient kitchen is possible by using smaller, more compact cooking appliances. A pressure cooker or a slow cooker can make you save up to 80% in energy, when compared to a traditional stove.


The cost-saving solution: the best pressure cooker, as tested by The Sweet Home.


Our favourite find: the Samsung Smart Oven, an all-in-one smart microwave!



3. Smart Thermostats 




Heating is responsible for almost half of your electricity bill. With that in mind, installing a smart thermostat will provide you with a more accurate temperature control. Some models even adapt themselves to your lifestyle by automatically adjusting the temperature.


The cost-saving solution: the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. Available in a wide range of prices with interesting features, they will make a big difference on your electricity bill.


Our favourite find: Ecobee automatically make intelligent, and personalized heating and cooling decisions to save you money on energy costs.



4. Smart LED Lighting 




LED bulbs are efficient and last longer. Some models offer different, fun and energy smart features: movement detectors, Wi-Fi access for remote control, adjustable lights colours…

Nowadays, LED lights are available in many models at very reasonable prices. Do you really need another reason to make the jump to LED technology?


The cost-saving solution: This very economical bulb will make you save big on energy.


Our favourite find: Recognized as one of the most energy efficient bulbs in the world, the Nanoleaf has a very intelligent and unique design!



These gadgets can easily help you save on electricity. Do you use similar gadgets at home? If so, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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