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8 tips to save on hot water at home

Lighting or heating usually comes to mind when looking to save energy at home. However, the water heater represents approximately 18% of the energy used at home. With the following tips, you will see how simple it is to save on hot water at home and directly affect your energy consumption.


1. Install aerators on your faucets and shower head


These inexpensive devices can be installed on all of your faucets and even on your shower head. Water consumption is reduced by 25%-60% by mixing air with water on a standard faucet, all while preserving convenience and comfort, because water flow doesn’t feel reduced.


2. Make a habit of turning off the water


Whether you are soaping up in the shower, brushing your teeth or doing the dishes, take habit in turning off the water until it is needed for rinsing. If your whole household adopts this habit, you will enjoy significant yearly savings.


3. Maximize your dishwasher’s capacity


When used correctly, a dishwasher is often more energy-efficient than doing the dishes by hand. For this purpose, forget about hand rinsing your dishes before filling the dishwasher: modern models are powerful enough to do without hand rinsing. Furthermore, use the “economy” mode if your dishwasher is equipped with this feature and fill it up to capacity before starting a cycle.


4. Fix leaks, even the smallest ones


A dripping water faucet? A leaking plumbing joint in the shower? Don’t wait to get it fixed. Anyone can install a new washer and this will allow you to save more than you might think (did you know that a dripping faucet represents 4 to 5 litres of water per hour?)


5. Wash your laundry at low temperatures


Modern detergents and appliances do a great job at washing your laundry, even at low temperatures. So, why not change your habits and wash your clothes at 30°C or less. Your clothes will be clean and you’ll be less likely to see discolouration or bleeding! Also, only run your machine when it’s sufficiently loaded. Like the dishwasher, it’s all about organization!


6. Pamper your water heater


Water heaters are often set at too high a temperature for daily use; so why not lower the base temperature a few degrees? As for the water heater itself, you can keep it in good working condition by regularly removing the deposit that form at the bottom. You can even cover it with an insulating cover, being careful not to cover the thermostat or the air intake.


7. Consider pipe insulation


Some hot water pipes can easily be reached, especially those directly near the water heater or in the basement, for example. Special pipe insulation can be installed, which will help maintain heat in the water pipe during the transfer of hot water in the house.


8. Replace your appliances


Budget permitting, you can also replace your appliances for significant hot water savings. Modern water heaters are more efficient, so a newer model will yield bigger savings. Lastly, chose household appliances (dishwasher, washing machine), that are as water-efficient as possible.


Do you have hot water conservation tips that you use at home?

Feel free to share them with us in the comments section!

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