Why You Should Participate

The Case for an Energy Efficiency Consumer Show


How We Got To Here

The idea for the Energy Smart Show emerged from years of organizing conferences and trade shows in the renewable energy sector (solar, wind, nuclear, energy efficiency). These business-to-business events often included information, products and services that the general public would find interesting. We certainly found them interesting and as the push for energy efficiency becomes increasingly vital to the health of our planet, we wanted to learn more, see more, get more, and do more ourselves. Enter the Energy Smart Show.

Our energy efficiency focus is extremely timely—consumer actionable interest in energy efficiency has never been greater than now. As constant media coverage of the effects of global climate change is becoming increasingly alarming and less easy to ignore, consumers are motivated to contribute to a solution—they are seeking energy smart products and are receptive to information and new developments.

Canada’s new Liberal government promises renewed and increased support for environmental responsibility and the development of new initiatives, to which energy efficiency will be integral. The Government of Ontario has made ‘energy efficiency’ a pillar of their long-term energy plan and educating consumers is a central objective of the plan. Increasing hydro and energy bills across Ontario have forced governments, utilities, energy operators and regulators to act.


Our Rationale

A great deal of information is available if you know where to look, new energy smart consumer products are becoming available all the time, many more are in development, many exciting new advances in research and technology development are bringing science fiction into the realm of possibility and affordability and, increasingly, public initiatives and government incentives are propelling a growing movement.

However, without a central conduit to existing and potential energy efficiency end users, much information about and access to breaking science, cutting edge technology and new products and services, is all over the map and not at the fingertips of, or even front of mind for most consumers, which makes it difficult for the energy efficiency sector to drive interest in and create a demand for crucial development and beneficial products.

Strides in technology, and a commitment from manufacturers to produce energy efficient products and services are increasing the critical mass of content available to consumers, creating a market for an annual consumer expo that brings these things together in one place—energy efficiency education, new energy smart products, new energy efficiency technology and services, government programs and incentives—a one-stop shop for consumers wishing to reduce their energy usage and green house gas emissions, save money and learn. Currently, no such opportunity (national or regional) exists in Canada.


So, What’s the Plan Stan?

The Energy Smart Show is planned as an annual consumer event in its Toronto location at the International Centre, which is a LEED* sustainable building that exemplifies energy efficiency. Following a successful launch in Toronto, we will take the Energy Smart Show to other Canadian cities—Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax.

In between shows, our website will continue to serve as a central clearing house and general exchange for energy efficiency information, sources, resources and news.

* LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—is a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings, homes, and neighborhoods.


Our Vision for the Show

The Energy Smart Show is a combined Marketplace and Learning Hub that will:

  • Showcase both affordable and aspirational energy efficient products and solutions available now.
  • Build a market for innovative energy efficient products and solutions anticipated in the not too distant future.
  • Spotlight breaking energy efficiency research, technology innovations and new developments.
  • Feature illuminating, informative, inspiring and motivational energy efficiency advocates, speakers, thought leaders, presentations, discussions and workshops from energy smart field and industry experts.
  • Promote the importance of energy efficiency and its impact on both consumer energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Provide a must see opportunity to “get with the program” and be part of the solution.


What We Are and What We are Not

The Energy Smart Show is not about alternative energy, green living, or healthy lifestyles. We will not feature exhibits and speakers on green living diets and foods and beverages. Nor will we present ideas on ecology and parenting or fashion and beauty. Rather we are a combined marketplace and learning hub focused entirely on energy efficiency and energy-efficient solutions to local needs and global challenges—energy efficient resources, information, products, ideas, guidance and how-to.


Quality Control

We are a serious and credible energy efficiency initiative aiming to create an winning mix of seriously useful, accessible, inspirational, aspirational, and innovative energy smart stuff, all under one roof.

Crucial to our vision is the quality consistency and potential impact of our content. Exhibited products and solutions must be legitimately and fundamentally energy efficient and fit our vision for the Show. We will not be signing up products and solutions with a bogus or tenuous claim to energy efficiency.


If We Build It … Who Will Come?


Show attendees are expected to be home and condo owners and renters, small businesses, and cottage owners, who are interested in energy efficiency and want to know more as it is in their interests to follow future savings and advances in energy efficiency technology. Attendee demographics represent a wide age range, from late 20s to seniors, and cross socio-economic lines.


Market Segmentation

  • Consumers interested in energy efficiency to save money
  • Consumers interested in energy efficiency to save the planet
  • Young first-time home owners
  • Long-time homeowners
  • Condo owners
  • Renters
  • Cottage owners
  •  Small businesses
  • Empty nesters
  • Car buffs
  • Breaking technology mavens and science geeks
  • Mr and Ms Fix-it
  • Schools (elementary and high school students)
  • Children (onsite with parents)


The Nitty Gritty

In its Toronto location, the 274 10-by-10 foot booth spaces projected for the inaugural show, at the International Centre, is a minimum number—this venue can easily handle more booth spaces if there is a demand. The main theatre can also be enlarged depending on demand. And, if the ESS generates buzz, the speakers are topical and bring with them their own followers, and the exhibiting companies and services are a draw, then ESS traffic will surpass the budgeted number of 15,000 attendees.



We are positioning the show as Canada’s pre-eminent energy efficiency event for energy conscious consumers and an influential platform for energy efficiency product developers, researchers, educators, manufacturers, government programs and services and more. This is an event in which both government and industry will want to participate, at which research and development activity can be presented, at which new products and services are featured, at which government services and incentives can be promoted—an event full of energy efficient resources, information, products, ideas, guidance and how-to.


The Benefits of Exhibiting at the Energy Smart Show

  • Align your brand with Canada’s premier energy efficiency event and a leading energy efficiency/environmental initiative.
  • Present your products and solutions directly to your target market and receive immediate feedback from a captive energy efficiency-interested audience—serious consumers who are genuinely interested in what exhibitors have to say, show, and sell.
  • Generate new business—gather leads and/or take orders on the spot
  • Gain exposure and recognition on the Energy Smart Show website
  • Position yourself alongside leading energy efficiency players
  • Keep up to date and network with other brands


Anticipated Exhibit Categories

  • Appliances
  • Associations
  • Building Materials
  • Electronics
  • Energy Efficient Homes
  • Energy Providers
  • Energy Storage
  • Finance
  • Government
  • HVAC (Heating & Cooling)
  • Lighting
  • NAIMA (Insulation)
  • Office Equipment
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Smart Home
  • Transportation
  • Windows and Doors


If We Build It … How Will they Know?

As the new kid on the block, our biggest challenge will be to create awareness of the Energy Smart Show in the first place. How will we connect with a general public who has never heard of the Energy Smart Show—and mobilize them to attend?


Social Media of Course

The Energy Smart Show partnered with Wink Strategies to develop, deploy and manage a comprehensive best practices social media program that will create awareness and build a constituency for the Energy Smart Show. The initial phase of our social media campaign launched in July and our website soft launched in August. Regular ESS Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest posts about energy efficiency and energy efficient products have started a conversation that will build the foundation of a constituency for the Show.

Our social media rollout will incrementally expand its reach and increase posting frequency as we approach May 2016. You can ‘Like us’ on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. In fact, please do ‘Like us’.

Learn more…..about the Case for Social Media


And a Wicked Website

Our website and de facto op centre will always be in development—a living entity constantly evolving, improving and growing. In between shows, our website will continue to serve as a central clearing house and general exchange for energy efficiency information, sources, resources and news.


And a Blog

To blog or not to blog—t’was never a question—check it out.


Then—Bring on Mainstream Media

Beginning in early 2016, our public outreach will expand to include editorial content, advertising and sponsored promotions in traditional print and broadcast media, in and around Toronto. We have engaged Peggy Sheffield & Associates Inc, Public Relations (PS&A) to handle this end of the media campaign. PS&A is behind the promotion of the very successful Toronto Cottage Life show, which just keeps on getting bigger and better.

As we get closer to the event, we will tell stories about energy efficiency programs in the GTA; spotlight successful projects; feature content about show exhibitors and sponsors and their commitment to energy efficiency; and, create interactive content to attract a wider public, build support from the energy efficiency community, and engage consumers in the upcoming show.


What Else?


Who Are We?
As an unknown entity with no track record, what credentials and energy efficiency qualifications does the Energy Smart Show bring to the table?

The management team of the Energy Smart Show are event planning and management professionals with decades of experience and substantial expertise in the production of tradeshows and exhibitions in the renewable energy sector (solar, wind, energy efficiency, nuclear, hydro). We have organized and delivered numerous and repeat business annual conferences and trade shows for each of the Canadian Nuclear Association, the Canadian Hydro Association, the Canadian Solar Industries Association, the Energy Council of Canada, and the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance.

We are endorsed by the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and have partnered with the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation’s Let’s Talk Energy program. We regularly consult with and are guided by industry professionals and field experts to vet potential exhibitor products and solutions (appropriateness, relevance, value) and to guide knowledge programming.


How did we arrive at our exhibitor rates and our projected number of attendees?

Basic (10’x10′) Exhibit Booth Space Price—$1,850.  We know from our work organizing B2B tradeshows that the cost of exhibit space at a Business to Business tradeshow is typically greater than at a Business to Consumer show. As well, we are a new player. We reviewed the exhibit booth space prices of five other Toronto Business to Consumer shows, before deciding on our own base booth space price.

Median Attendance Ticket Price—$15.00.  We looked at the entry fees of other consumer shows and consulted with show service and registration service professionals for advice on competitive pricing before settling on a base entry fee. Our admission prices are consistent with other consumer shows in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). HST is includes in the ticket price.


Why did we choose the International Centre, in Mississauga, and not the Metro Toronto Convention Centre?
  • Cost.
  • It is an energy efficient venue (and, coincidentally, in its first life as an aircraft hangar it was home to the ill-fated but innovative and technologically advanced Avro Arrow).
  • Expandable interior space, usable exterior spaces and multiple loading docks at ground level.
  •  Easily accessible location from all major highways away from downtown congestion.
  • Free parking.