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All about vampire energy

If your monthly electricity bill is giving you goosebumps, it may be time to learn more about vampire appliances. This term refers to the energy consumed by electronic devices on standby. Computers, televisions, satellite or cable boxes… These devices consume electricity when they are connected, even when they are switched off. Here are some tips to minimize your consumption of vampire energy, and ultimately reduce your electricity bill.


Identify sources of vampire energy


To reduce consumption, you must first be aware of the devices that suck the most energy when turned off. Look at the table below to find out the top electronic devices in your household that suck up energy like a vampire.


vampire power


If you want to know exactly the vampire energy expended by each of your devices, most hardware stores sell measuring instruments that will tell you precisely the amount of electricity used.

Now that you’ve identified these devices, it’s time to take action to reduce your monthly electricity bill.


Tips for reducing your vampire energy consumption


There are different ways to reduce vampire energy in your house. Few investments are necessary and according to the importance of the electronic equipment in your home, you can achieve significant energy savings.


  • The radical method: disconnecting devices

This method reduces a device’s vampire energy consumption to zero, but it is restricting. Who really disconnects all of their electronics every night, only to reconnect all of them in the morning? While this technique is pretty good for occasional devices (for example, the TV in the guest room, a little-used computer, etc.), you’d be better off using one of the solutions below for your commonly-used devices.


  • To reduce energy waste, invest in Energy Star appliances

Energy Star-certified appliances use less energy when in use… But also when they are switched off! Even if this isn’t the most effective method to reduce vampire energy consumption, these appliances already represent a significant reduction of energy consumption that we don’t necessarily think of when investing in these types of devices.


  • “Smart Power Strips”, an effective means to reduce vampire energy

There is a wide range of Smart Power Strips that will help you fight vampire energy, by cutting power in some of your electronics. Some strips work by means of motion detectors, cutting the power when the room is empty for some time. Some models detect devices in standby mode that are sucking up electricity and immediately shut down the juice.

Depending on your budget and your needs, you can definitely find a Smart Power Strip that will help you to reduce your electricity bill.


  • Think Smart Chargers for your mobile devices!

There’s a solution to counter vampire electricity on mobile phones, laptops, and other portable devices that require a charger. Did you know that once your connected device is fully charged, the charger continues to use up electricity for nothing? Fortunately, some new models of smart chargers stop charging as soon as your device is fully charged.


Do you have other tips that you use to reduce vampire energy at home? Share them with us in the comments section!

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