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Improving window insulation

Windows are among the prime culprit of heat loss in a house. Why heat more when windows constantly leak heat out? Here are some tips that will help you improve your window’s insulation and save on your heating bill, all while adopting greener behaviours. There are many economic solutions to choose from, depending on your budget and the current quality of your insulation.


The radical solution: window replacement


If your window insulation is poor, and you have the budget to do this type of work, replacing the window, sash and frame would be the best solution.

A vast selection of window sash and frames in different material options are available to you depending on your aesthetic and budgetary choices, the most common being wood and honeycomb aluminum.

A double glazing window is recommended for optimum insulation. Many companies now offer triple glazing solutions, but with its significant difference in price, the gain in insulation may not make it worthwhile. Contact a professional to find the glazing solution best suited to your home and your energy consumption.


Alternative solutions


Don’t have the time or the budget to completely replace your windows? Here are a few effective alternatives you can use to improve your home’s isolation:


  • Seals: by installing a seal around the edges of the window, you’ll have the advantage of considerably reducing air leakage that may occur between the glass and the frame. Seals come in various types (metal, rubber or silicone) and most are easy to install. However, the insulation won’t be optimal and the seal will need to be replaced regularly to remain effective. If you choose this solution, don’t forget to leave a portion of the perimeter without a seal, to ensure slight ventilation and avoid condensation in winter.
  • Curtains, shutters, or cushions: in this case, these solutions don’t act directly on the window, but rather around it to prevent the loss of energy by means of adding extra elements. Curtains and shutters, once closed, help to further isolate the window. You can even get insulating curtains with a thermal lining to retain heat indoors. You can also get draught-excluding cushions that can be placed at the foot of your window.


improving window insulation


  • Secondary glazing installation: An interesting solution if you can’t install double-glazed windows, but still want to improve insulation of your windows. Professionals can add an additional layer of glass to your existing window. Depending on the installation, the original window must be able to support the extra weight of an additional layer of glass without warping the sash. Alternatively, you can install a plastic film on the glass. Very cost-effective, but less aesthetic, the film acts as a thermal insulation once stretched and stuck to the glass. Some types of film will also filter UV rays.


Window insulation: solutions for every budget


Starting with your windows is a good strategy in addressing energy consumption in your home; they are among the major causes of heat loss and there are many isolation solutions to choose from.


window insulation


We have presented here some of the main energy-saving techniques through window solutions, but don’t hesitate to share your own tips and techniques in the comments section!

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