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Ways to save energy in your back yard

Summer is drawing to a close, but you can still enjoy your back yard for a few weeks. Here are some simple tricks to help you save energy in your back yard and enjoy some time outside without breaking the bank!


It’s possible to have a beautiful yard without using lots of water. 


You can have beautiful plants in your back yard without using a lot of water. Just follow these helpful hints:


  • Install a rainwater retention tank: there are now very aesthetic tanks, and the collected water can be used to water your garden, clean your car, or even clean your patio furniture.
  • Water your plants in the evening: watering your plants in the evening will prevent water loss by means of evaporation during periods of heat during the day.
  • Cover the base of your plants: grass clippings, straw, wood chips, etc. Add them at the base of your plants to help retain soil moisture, which translates into less frequent watering!


The pool is an often energy-intensive installation… Unless you follow these tips!


If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your back yard, you know that on top of regular maintenance, the electricity bill can add up quickly if the right measures aren’t taken.


  • Use a solar cover: this attracts the heat from the sun to heat the pool when it is covered. This technique allows reducing pool heating costs up to 70%.
  • Be sure to fix holes or cracks in the pool: whether on the pool structure or on the equipment, a hole can quickly become a substantial waste of water.
  • Carefully manage your pump: when the climate is mild, you don’t have to filter your pool as much as in times of greater heat. This is even more true in cool temperatures – algae has difficulty growing; therefore there is no need to run your filter as much to keep your water clean.


You can find these pool tips in the picture below:

save energy in your back yard


It’s also possible to save on electricity in your back yard


While the back yard isn’t the first place you would normally think to save on electricity, it can prove to be an electricity-intensive place if certain measures are not taken:


  • Replace your light bulbs: low consumption or LED bulbs can be used indoors and outdoors. Why not use them for your back yard lighting? There is also a wide variety of solar powered garden and patio lighting setups you can chose from.
  • Find out about solar barbecues: this is a recent innovation, and several brands are available for purchase. So, think about replacing your old electric or gas barbecue with a greener alternative!
  • Pull out your rake: with the arrival of fall, the first leaves will begin to cover your yard. Forget about the leaf blower and reach for the rake. Of course, this requires more effort, but represents considerable energy savings. Next, why not turn the leaves into compost, which can be spread at the foot of your plants, as mentioned at the beginning of our article?


So, are you ready to save energy in your back yard? Whether or not you have a yard lined with plants and a swimming pool, there are many tricks you can use to save up on energy consumption in your back yard. Do you have other tips and tricks? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section!


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