About Us

The Energy Smart Show is on Hiatus—Stay Tuned!


The Energy Smart Show is a timely, two-day consumer expo focusing on energy efficiency—how to become energy smart at home, in your apartment or condo, in the car, at the office, at the cottage, in your small business—what to buy, build, install and use that can reduce your carbon footprint in everything you do!


How We Got To Here

The idea for the Energy Smart Show emerged from years of organizing conferences and trade shows in the renewable energy sector (solar, wind, nuclear, energy efficiency). These business-to-business events often included information, products and services that the general public would find interesting. We certainly found them interesting and as the push for energy efficiency becomes increasingly vital to the health of our planet, we wanted to learn more, see more, get more, and do more ourselves. Enter the Energy Smart Show.


Our Rationale

Our energy efficiency focus is extremely timely—consumer interest in energy efficiency has never been greater than now. As constant media coverage of the effects of global climate change is becoming increasingly alarming and less easy to ignore, consumers are motivated to contribute to a solution—they are seeking energy smart products and are receptive to information and new developments.

At the same time strides in technology and a commitment from manufacturers to produce energy efficient products and services are increasing the critical mass of content available to consumers, creating a market for an annual consumer expo that brings these things together in one place—energy efficiency education, energy smart products, new energy efficiency technology and services, government programs and incentives—a one-stop shop for consumers wishing to reduce their energy usage and green house gas emissions, save money and learn.

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The Case for an Energy Efficiency Consumer Show and Why You Should Participate


What We Are and What We are Not

The Energy Smart Show is not about alternative energy, green living, or healthy lifestyles. We will not feature exhibits and speakers on green living diets and foods and beverages. Nor will we present ideas on ecology and parenting or fashion and beauty. Rather we are a combined marketplace and learning hub focused entirely on energy efficiency and energy-efficient solutions to local needs and global challenges—energy efficient resources, information, products, ideas, guidance and how-to.


Think smart, act smart, live smart, energy smart!